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Established in 1986, Westwind Management Group has worked tirelessly to deliver excellent service to our wonderful clients. While many aspects of our company stand far above the competition, our most valued asset is our people. Everyone in our organization truly loves what he or she does and that passion is evident in how we conduct business and by our employee retention, our valued long-term business relationships with our clients and the ongoing continuing education, credentialing and awards and accomplishments of our Association Business Managers. In keeping with our Mission and Vision to be the most trusted leader in community association management, our firm earned the "Accredited Association Management Company" (AAMC®) designation from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) in 2010.

We are proud to introduce you to the exceptional team that makes this all possible...



    Since joining Westwind in 1998, Brian has been involved with virtually every department within Westwind. Brian started with processing payments and administrative work while attending college full time. He was promoted to second-in-command of the accounting department and eventually became an Association Business Manager. Brian obtained his Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) designation in June 2000 and his Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®) designation though the Community Associations Institute in 2006. The PCAM® designation is the highest designation obtainable in the industry. Brian has also earned his AMS® (Association Management Specialist) credential. In 2010, Brian joined our executive team to help to establish the foundation for our Company’s future.

    In 2011, we were honored and proud that he was elected President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Community Associations Institute after serving on the Board for a number of years. Serving in these extremely critical positions, Brian very actively and successfully improved our local chapter over a 5+ year period.

    Brian has also accepted the responsibilities of our Human Resources Department and all of the changing laws and regulations we see these days. He continues to be instrumental in improving service and efficiencies within the communities we manage and he continues to provide the best in exceptional client service.

    We were proud to promote Brian to be our Chief Financial Officer in 2013. As our CFO, Brian has been responsible for setting the standards that promote and ensure the accuracy and checks and balances of our accounting department; standards that are so necessary and important for Clients in our business. As of July 1, 2016, Brian is our Chief Executive Officer, CEO.

    Originally from the great state of Kentucky, Chris has added southern charm, poise, enthusiasm and her high level of professionalism to the Westwind team since 2001. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University in Hospitality & Institutional Management and a minor in foreign languages (German and Spanish). Chris spent over ten years in the hotel management industry, in guest services and housekeeping, as well as serving as District Manager of Operations for a national extended-stay organization. Chris is focused on customer service that exceeds expectations and her very qualified experience and educational accomplishments reflect her desire to excel.

    We were thrilled to see Chris easily obtain her CMCA® designation in early 2001 and her PCAM® designation in 2012. Chris has also served our industry on the Colorado Legislative Action Committee, several CAI-Rocky Mountain Chapter sub-committees as well as a volunteer for several charitable organizations. She was nominated and received a Manager of the Year award in 2012, finishing as one of the Top 50 portfolio managers in the nation.

    She has been involved in the executive-level direction of our firm’s future since 2010, and at the end of 2014, Chris was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. After providing incredible service to our clients as an Association Business Manager for 14 years, she now focuses directly on managing our operational and support services, specifically mentoring and developing our association management team. She will continue to improve and enhance our policies, procedures and organizational systems to meet our vision, mission and values. .

    Since 1986, Candice has gained experience in each aspect of our accounting department operations as well as client services. Beginning in 2014, she has served as our Controller. Candice oversees our Corporate Accounting as well as the preparation of monthly client financial statements, providing exceptional value with her detailed review of these important documents. She also supervises the Accounting Department and works closely with Board Members and our Association Business Managers to ensure we are consistently offering best-in-class accounting services within our industry. Her long-standing history in serving our clients as well as our firm allows her to bring her unique and comprehensive experience, knowledge and insights to any situation and solve problems quickly and completely. Her main focus is striving for perfection and accuracy as well as maintaining a positive team atmosphere within our Accounting Department.

    Jessica joined the Westwind team in 2001 as an Administrative Assistant. After being promoted to an Association Business Manager approximately one year later, she worked for the next 13 years managing a wide variety of portfolio clients throughout her tenure and has become well-versed in the intricacies of community association management, leadership and best practices. First becoming a CMCA® certified professional, Jessica then went on to earn both the Association Management Specialist (AMS®) and Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®) designations through the Community Associations Institute in 2011. The PCAM® is the highest level international credential which may be obtained in the Association Management industry.

    Jessica’s passion for the industry has been obvious in her approach to trade-specific challenges such as document review, construction defect project management, financial oversight and budgeting, board education and conflict resolution. One of Jessica’s last projects included successfully working through a massive, multi-year, 15 million dollar reconstruction program with one of her client communities.

    In the fall of 2015, we were pleased and proud to transition Jessica from her many years of service as an Association Business Manager, responsible for direct portfolio management, into the new and vital role of Executive Assistant to the CEO, COO, and CFO. Recently, we have updated her title to Director of Administration and Client Services as her roles and responsibilities have continued to expand. This is as a direct result of her superior professional, proactive and detail-oriented approach in all she does.

    Westwind has been fortunate to have Jesse on the team since 2005. Technology is Jesse’s business and his passion. With a B.Sc., he keeps Westwind on the cutting edge of technology. With the technology world ever-changing, Jesse has to weigh what direction we take as it pertains to our in-house software, websites, phone system, security, mobile apps, etc. The options are mind-boggling and Jesse gracefully accepts those challenges and provides us quality analysis to keep us ahead of the tech curve.

    Equipped with a business management degree, Tim obtained the coveted PCAM® designation in 1995 and his CMCA® designation in 1997. He also obtained his Colorado Real Estate Broker’s License to further add to his knowledge of the Colorado real estate market. Improving curb appeal, stabilizing and increasing market value and reversing years of deferred maintenance are focal points that have always interested Tim.

    After 30 years enjoying creating, building and nurturing the company, Tim and Bonnie have determined to retire from the day-to-day management of Westwind Management Group, Inc. effective July 1, 2016. Tim and Bonnie will retain ownership of the company for the foreseeable future and are confident that with the team of superior professionals they have mentored over the years, client retention will continue to be maintained and the company will continue to grow.

    Precise and thorough are adjectives that best describe two of Bonnie's most amiable traits. She oversaw our corporate accounting. During our many years in business, Bonnie recognized the need to assist and work with title companies and realtors. As a result, Bonnie developed our internal processes for our FAQs. She also led the move to a semi-paperless office and instituted a lockbox program with our previous bank.

    After 30 years enjoying creating, building and nurturing the company, Tim and Bonnie have determined to retire from the day-to-day management of Westwind Management Group, Inc. effective July 1, 2016. Tim and Bonnie will retain ownership of the company for the foreseeable future and are confident that with the team of superior professionals they have mentored over the years, client retention will continue to be maintained and the company will continue to grow.




    Brittany joined our business family in late 2012. She is a native of Colorado and also lived for a time in Maryland. Brittany brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the community association management field, having successfully managed all types of associations ranging from homeowners associations and condominiums to recreation facilities. She has been in the industry since 2008 and is a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®).

    Brittany is a very organized professional with a very friendly and positive attitude, which makes her not only responsive to community member concerns, but also a significant contributor to our company. She really “goes the extra mile” to help and support her fellow Management Team members, as well. Brittany remains up to date concerning developments in the field by taking advantage of educational resources and tools available to her. Brittany helps to set client care standards that define Westwind in our industry.

    Christine Williams, who is a highly experienced and credentialed manager, joined the Westwind professional family in early 2017. She has over 20+ years’ experience in the property and association management industry, and began her career as an assistant on-site manager for an apartment complex in Oregon. Through that position, she quickly learned the ropes and moved up to full duty manager positions within the same company. Christine was introduced to the HOA industry after relocating to California. At that time, she was working with a company that also focused on continuing education, so was afforded an opportunity to earn both her CMCA and AMS credentials through CAI during her 8 year tenure there. She has since added the Colorado CAM license to her credentials. Christine recognizes how fortunate she has been to build relationships with all the wonderful and knowledgeable people who have mentored her over the years, and has used her abilities to successfully manage all types of communities from condos and townhomes to single family homes and commercial HOAs. She is currently serving as our On-Site Community Manager in one of our many prestigious Communities.

    Hugh joined the Westwind Management team in 2015. Coming from a previous career in the Air Transport Industry Telecommunications, Hugh brings with him a strong background in Account, Client relationship, Facilities, and Vendor management. His professional demeanor and reliability are great assets to our firm.

    While he is extremely technically astute, Hugh is a leader who is passionate about assisting his client communities and bridging the communication gap between residents, vendors and the Boards of Directors whom he serves. He takes complete ownership of his work flow processes and strives to provide superior service and responsiveness to all.

    As of June, 2015, we were extremely fortunate to have Jan Rider return to the Westwind Management Group team. From 2005 – 2011, Jan served expertly as our Office Manager and Administrative Supervisor, and then was promoted to Association Business Manager. Jan left due to a family move to the windy City of Cheyenne, Wyoming. While in Cheyenne, Jan was the Assistant Box Office Manager for Cheyenne Frontier Days.

    Because of Jan’s passion for the association management industry and her dedication to the mission and values of our firm, she has returned as a full-time Association Business Manager. She is CMCA® certified through Community Associations Institute and is still well known and respected in the business. Jan’s spirit, drive, strong work ethic and superior professionalism shine through in the management of her client communities. These are just a few of the reasons we are excited to have Jan back as member of our team!

    Janelle has been a valued member of our team and a high-level performer with Westwind Management Group, Inc. since 2003. Born and raised in Kansas, she reflects a strong work ethic, as well as impeccable customer service and management skills. She possesses a real dedication to the values and mission of the firm, which coupled with her personal integrity and ambition, provides our clients with extraordinary care.

    Her commitment to the industry is not only evidenced by the high quality of service she provides, but also her continuing education and credentialing. Janelle earned her CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) designation through the Community Association Managers International Certification Board and also attained the Association Management Specialist credential through the Community Associations Institute. She is also fully licensed as a State of Colorado Community Association Manager.

    Janelle works incredibly hard to provide amazing service to her client communities. She takes great pride in personal follow-up and communication and always willingly accepts challenges that inevitably arise in homeowners associations. Her work in our firm exemplifies our commitment to retain only the very best people to provide our clients with cutting-edge service and long-term quality, efficiency and performance in Association Business Management.

    Since 1997, Kent has brought an earnestness and level of professionalism to Westwind that we all respect and admire. With many years of experience in both the management and financial fields, Kent excels in community association management arena. His vast experience includes collections, maintaining operating budgets, overseeing the daily operation of maintenance personnel, housekeeping and office staff. He has accepted very challenging community issues and found a reasonable and common sense solution to those issues. He develops great business relationships with his clients, often something our new clients had not experienced in the past. As part of his long-term commitment to the communities that he has been involved with, Kent has led city-sponsored retro-fitting programs to increase utility efficiencies; saving those clients thousands of dollars in water and other resources. We are proud of Kent’s many accomplishments which include the CMCA® designation.

    Rachel has been a valued member of our team and a high-level performer with Westwind Management Group, Inc. since 2009. Her performance reflects a strong work ethic and impeccable customer service and management skills, which coupled with her personal integrity, allows her to provide our clients with extraordinary care. Rachel earned her CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) designation through the Community Association Managers International Certification Board and is also fully licensed as a State of Colorado Community Association Manager.

    She takes great pride in personal follow-up and communication and always willingly accepts challenges that inevitably arise in homeowners associations. Her work in our firm exemplifies our commitment to retain only the very best people to provide our clients with cutting-edge service and long-term quality, efficiency and performance in Association Business Management. Effective May 1, 2017, Rachel became the Community Manager for Saddle Rock Ridge.

    In 2010 we were elated to have Rana join the Westwind Team. She has successfully managed community associations since 2002 and currently holds the CMCA®, AMS® and PCAM® designations through the Community Associations Institute. Articulate and extremely knowledgeable in our industry, Rana places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction with both the Boards of Directors she works with and the homeowners within her communities.

    Specializing in single family communities, she has been instrumental in converting outdated massive landscaped gardens and common areas into new and vibrant works of art. She works closely with contractors and vendors that have proven themselves to us and she expects those contractors to exceed her expectations. Curb appeal in her Communities is a priority and you will often see her with a clip board walking through the common areas to confirm contract specifications are being met. She understands that communication is critical as it pertains to balancing the directives of the Board and the demands and desires of homeowners.

    Roxanne was an outstanding addition to the Westwind team in 2016, bringing with her a diverse educational background and long term industry experience which has allowed her to create a blend of best in class professionalism while keeping a personal touch in her client relationships for over 12 years. Roxanne's community management career began in Sarasota, Florida, where she obtained a Florida Real Estate License and then her Florida CAM (Community Association Manager) License. As a reflection of her results-oriented management style, she helped her client community earn the Community Associations Institute Florida West Coast Chapter Community Association of the Year Award in 2007. Roxanne returned to Colorado in 2008 and joined the CAI-Rocky Mountain Chapter. Roxanne obtained the highest level of educational and professional certification in our industry, the PCAM® certification, in 2011 and now also holds a Community Association Manager (CAM) license from the State of Colorado.

    Her management background includes condominium associations, commercial properties, large scale communities, single family homes and developer-controlled communities. Roxanne takes pride in being a professional who knows how to preserve the character of the community, protect property values, meet client expectations and build positive rapport with business partners and volunteer leaders in community associations.

    When not at work, you will find Roxanne participating in a variety of activities and social functions. Roxanne's belief is work hard, play hard. She enjoys living life with flexibility, gratitude, kindness and laughter!

    In 2008, we were so fortunate to have Silvia join our firm! From downtown high rises to single family and commercial associations, Silvia brings a diverse range of management experience to Westwind Management. With a banking and financial background, Silvia understands that efficiently managing an association’s budget will enable the Board of Directors to enhance and preserve the communities they live in. Silvia is a problem solver who is committed to the goals and needs of the Boards and homeowners and believes good communication is the key to successfully managing communities.

    Silvia is well known for providing timely information as well as training for her Board Members and systematically improves the curb appeal and value of the Communities she manages. We have received comments from new clients about how now that Silvia is in place everything runs so smoothly and efficiently. Silvia continues her commitment to industry activities and association management education in order to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the associations she manages.

    Tara joined Westwind Management in June 2008. Prior to joining Westwind, she served as the Manager of Guest Services for a large Colorado shopping mall. She brings with her the highest quality customer service experience which is on display each and every day.

    Originally from California, Tara moved to Colorado in 2005 and enjoys all the beautiful sights that Colorado has to offer. She spent four years as an incredible administrative assistant and we are thrilled that she has since become member of our Association Business Management Team, having earned her CMCA® designation in 2013. Great communication and follow through are standards that Tara will not compromise on and her Clients are very pleased with that level of commitment and follow-up.



    In 2008, we were thrilled to have Audrey join our business family. Audrey exhibits confidence, knowledge and style in all that she does. She takes great pride in providing an unparalleled level of customer service to both her client communities as well as in her support for the Association Business Managers who are part of her Management Team. Her professional Administrative colleagues admire and respect Audrey as our Lead Administrative Assistant. She remains a source of valuable input and direction in day to day operations for our entire Administrative Team. In addition, as a very talented photographer, Audrey also provides us with incredible and beautiful shots of the communities for use on our client websites.

    April Delgado joined the Westwind Management team in August 2016. She moved to Colorado in May of 2014 and quickly became impressed with the beautiful state and all its seasons. April brings a wealth of customer service expertise to our organization after having been in management with a large retail box store. April’s organizational skills and adaptability also help to make her a valued member of our firm. April’s eagerness to assist on any project or task makes her an integral part of assuring our delivery of quality service to our clients. She is an asset to the team and continually works to develop better systems and processes for completion of her job duties. When April is not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and beautiful daughter.

    Magdalene has been an integral part of our support services department since January of 2015. She has over two decades of administrative experience and holds a degree in Business Management. In addition, she has experience in both the education field, and earned her certificate in Human Resources Management in 2012.

    Magdalene delivers the highest level of customer service in a helpful, responsive and caring way. She is both an efficient and a reliable resource for our Homeowners, Managers, Vendors, and Staff Members alike. She exemplifies the SPIRIT of our professional family and company values through her Service, Passion, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork.

    When not at work, she enjoys knitting, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. Magdalene has a son and daughter and she especially enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

    Rachel joined Westwind Management Group, Inc. in 2015, with over 10 years of experience in Customer Service. Previously, Rachel worked in fine dining, as well as event coordinating, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, with a concentration in Event Planning, from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her pleasant demeanor and helpful nature, coupled with her tenure and experience in the service industry and hospitality arena make her a perfect fit for our industry. Rachel spends her free time in the mountains with her husband and their dog, hiking and camping.



    Diane joined us at the beginning of 2014. She grew up in Minot, ND and graduated from Minot State University with a BS in Corporate Fitness, a minor in Business Administration and a concentration in Health and Wellness. She moved to Colorado in 1993 and we are very glad that she did. She came to us with an extensive office management background, as well as accounting experience from a large firm in downtown Denver. Diane was an accounting representative, handling payables and receivables and customer service duties for her client communities. In 2015, she earned a promotion to Assistant Controller and is responsible for reconciling the routine financial reports, enhancing accounting department systems and processes and directly assisting the Controller with her duties. Diane prides herself in being loyal to her employer, coworkers and clients. She is detail-oriented and conscientious and follows the golden rule; treating people as she would want to be treated. Her great customer service attitude is reflected in everything she does.

    In 2014, we were privileged to have Aaron join our team. Aaron serves our clients diligently and effectively with his accounting expertise and is an asset to his Management Team. He brings over 7 years of experience in accounts payable, specifically. As a direct result of his dedication, quality of service and strong work ethic, Aaron was promoted to Lead Accounting Representative in 2015. Aaron’s main responsibility is assisting the Assistant Controller and Controller in their duties. This includes assisting in training the incoming accounting staff on best practices to properly support our clients’ needs.

    In 2013 we were privileged to have Anais join our business family. She learns at the speed of light, is a great multi-tasker and enjoys receiving new responsibilities. In December 2014, Anais received her bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Hospitality with an emphasis in Tourism and Events Management. Anais is a native of New York but loves living in Colorado. Anais loves to spend time with her family and friends, enjoys concerts, dancing, planning events, traveling and discovering new adventures.


    A native of California, Janet brings over thirty years of office experience to Westwind. She worked as an administrative assistant at Lockheed and other defense contractors. Working in the accounting department since 2000, Janet is responsible for a variety of duties as a member of our team accounting division.

    In 2008 we were privileged to have Pauline join our family business and she serves our clients with her accounting expertise through her Management Team. She brings with her over 16 years of experience in accounts payable, over 6 years in accounts receivable and several years of payroll processing. She’s a multi-tasker and a quick learner. She enjoys what she does and looks forward to assisting her clients every day.



    Joining Westwind in 2007, Donna is instrumental in assisting our Association Business Managers with community inspections. Our detail-oriented Community Inspector also has several years’ experience in customer service and sales support in hospitality and manufacturing environments. She is a native of Southern California and moved to Colorado with her family in 1999; making Aurora their home. Donna takes a common-sense approach to administering property inspections and always takes the time to go the extra mile to assure that our clients are treated with respect and dignity. While her duties may in some cases cause consternation, she works very hard to focus on solutions for Boards and homeowners alike.

    Bob has been working part-time with Westwind since September 2011. His primary responsibility is to process all violation and hearing letters after community inspections. All letters are sent out in a timely and accurate manner despite the overwhelming demand throughout the year. He also assists the business managers and administrative assistants in a wide range of office duties.

    Before retiring and coming to Westwind part-time, he worked for a software developer in quality assurance monitoring and administrating over 100 full service contract clients. This entailed scheduling software upgrades, customer service, software testing and coordinating implementation. In addition, he keeps active by volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

    Vanessa joined Westwind Management Group in the early part of 2017. She has held several positions in the customer relations area of the food service industry and dealing directly with clients in a junk removal & hauling business, always offering her best in service and responsiveness. She has lived in many places around the globe, such as Japan, the Philippines, and both Nevada and Kansas in the US, before moving to Colorado in May of 2016. This experience of living in many different places and understanding different cultures has contributed to her positive, outgoing and friendly nature as well as her overall desire to help people. She takes pride in her abilities to communicate effectively and remain very organized in her work processes. Because she is a fast learner and loves school, she is currently working on her Associates’ Degree in General Education. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and around animals.



    We were quite privileged to have Andrea join our team as the Information Services Director in 2006. She is originally from North Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as several Associates Degrees from Minot State University. She also attended and graduated from Denver Paralegal Institute. Her professional experience includes property management, receivership management, various aspects of mortgage loan servicing including acquisitions and acquisition valuation and feasibility review, corporate and estate law, and 11 years’ experience as a real estate paralegal mostly in the foreclosure/bankruptcy industry.

    Andrea left the legal/law firm arena to focus on disclosure requirements and the ever-changing legislation and regulation surrounding the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) and other provisions that are imposed on our industry. Most recently, she is encountering the challenges of Manager Licensing Laws and new rules sanctioned by the Colorado Division of Real Estate. Andrea’s title currently is Client Documentation Administrator and she oversees and manages association disclosure documents for our third party document website for real estate transactions, manages disclosure of legal documents within our organization, and helps to ensure Westwind and our clients are in compliance with new regulatory rules. Andrea’s main objectives are thoroughness, integrity, service and quality performance on behalf of all of our Client Communities.

    Brook came to Westwind in May of 2014 with more than 10 years of exceptional experience as a Client Care Coordinator. Brook radiates happiness, joy, and a great personality to the many people that walk through our door each day. Her ability and willingness to accept new challenges and her multitude of skills brings endless opportunities to our firm and our clients. We have received many compliments from clients regarding the wonderful respect and care she provides each time they visit us. Her positive energy and the passion she exudes in the service and care she provides to our clients and all of our staff members reinforces the quality and high standards we deliver each day to all people we encounter. When she is not at work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

    Carolyn is a long term, dedicated staff member whom we have been thrilled to have work with us since 1998. She assists with specialized areas of the accounting department including foreclosure and bankruptcy filings and other duties as needed. Her experience, attention to detail and flexibility are hallmarks of her service to the company, her team members and our clients. She is a special part of our professional family and provides not only her expertise in various aspects of the industry and accounting practices, but also historical knowledge of our internal systems and processes.

    Prior to her 2003 arrival at Westwind, Lynnette honed her accounting skills and knowledge with 8 years in the accounting industry. After her 2 year introduction into Westwind Client services, she moved to our team accounting division to provide that same exceptional level of care.

    Growing up in Pueblo, Lynnette developed a real small town attitude about service to clients and now the clients in her purview enjoy that special added follow-up and care that permeates through all of our Westwind Staff. She assures a responsive answer to urgent issues and always takes a proactive “can do” approach to all of the challenges she receives on a daily basis. Due to her continued accomplishments, Lynnette was promoted to our Closing Services Administrator and we are thrilled with the great job she is doing in that position.
  • “Among the things our HOA did this year, selecting Westwind was the wisest and….our manager was absolutely the BEST thing that happened this year. Thank you for your continued leadership of our HOA.” – Client Board Member, 12/2017
  • “Westwind is the best collection of true professionals that exemplify community management. It's definitely our pleasure to be able to work with you all.” – Vendor Partner, 12/2017
  • “Thank you for your quick response. All of you at Westwind have been really helpful. I appreciate it and thanks again!” – Client Homeowner, 11/2017
  • “After her prep work for our filing walk she was the best prepared of any manager since we instituted the filing walks. The less paper work we had to do, the maps, everything plus the camera and explanation of what and how to handle the pictures I feel is a super positive and she should be recognized.” – Client Board member, 6/2017